Thursday, January 29, 2009

Getting steamy in Victoria's hot springs

AS Victoria's only naturally heated spring, the Peninsula Hot Springs is among the state's top day spas.

Secluded at the back of Rye, on the Mornington Peninsula, the luxurious wonder is only one hour and 20 minutes drive from Melbourne.

Deep underground, natural hot mineral springs have been found running along a fault line from Arthur's Seat to Port Phillip Bay. The 50C water, rich in healing minerals, flows into thermal pools at the hot springs.

Unlike other springs where the water is artificially heated, this water enters Peninsula Hot Springs' pools at 38C to 43C – the perfect temperature to soak away the day and relax.

The property is on 17ha of greenery, with the spas nestled on top of a hill between shrubbery and the occasional work of art.

From the moment you arrive at Peninsula Hot Springs you are taken to a world of luxurious natural healing and relaxation.

The public baths are scattered around the big main spa and differ in temperature and size. If you are seeking seclusion, the private baths are perfect – imagine enjoying a fresh fruit platter and chilled bubbly while soaking in a steamy spa nestled between the trees.

Ancient techniques and healing hands

Treatments take you to a state of bliss and use Li'Tya products based on the techniques of indigenous Australians. Therapists are trained by Aboriginal elders in ancient techniques of indigenous healing massage.

The kodo massage is divine. The rhythmic body massage is designed to tone and

realign energy flow, enhancing mind and body balance.

Seated with your eyes closed, you sample three scents and the one you prefer is considered the energy your body lacks to rejuvenate,

reharmonise or detoxify.

A smoking ceremony is performed before the treatment to bring your mind into the "here and now", connect you to the therapist and ground your senses. The smell is wildly unique, like a bushfire infused with lemon myrtle, moss and paperbark.

After the treatment you are still so relaxed that the only thing to do is have a long soak in the mineral spas.

The kodo massage starts at $99 for 60 minutes and group bookings can be made for the Arabian tent, an exquisite room to unwind in luxury.

The Peninsula Hot Springs is open daily from 9am to 9pm. Twilight bathing is magical as the spas are transformed into a steamy haven with seductive lighting.

Bathing and dinner packages are available on Friday and Saturday from $45 a person, as well as bath and breakfast packages at the Hot Springs cafe.