Tuesday, January 27, 2009

LIAT Adjusts Flight Schedule to Better Match Demand for Seats

LIAT announced Monday that it was putting on additional flights to help meet the demand for seats during the months of February and April, even as it cuts back on some routes due to decreased demand.

Director of Schedules and Special Projects Lesroy Browne said that, for the periods February 15 to 25 and April 9 to 14, LIAT would reinstate at least two flights in an effort to help satisfy demand around the time of the Trinidad Carnival as well as the Easter Weekend.

Pointing out that the current world economic crisis was impacting on travel patterns in the Caribbean, the LIAT official said that the regional carrier would adjust its schedule as time goes by based on changes in travel behaviour.

“At present there are some flights that are doing fairly well and there are some days with good loads; but unfortunately our forecast overall load factor for the month of January and the next few months is clearly showing a softening in the markets,” Browne explained.

“We will be continuing the process of adjustments throughout this trying time of world economic downturn to ensure that we add capacity where there is a demand and reduce capacity where we see the loads are not holding up.”