Thursday, January 29, 2009

MAS cuts fuel surcharges on international flights by 73%

Malaysia Airlines slashed fuel surcharges on international flights by as much as 73% due to the decline in fuel prices, competitive pressures and the need to boost air travel during the current economic slowdown.

MAS said on Thursday that effective from tomorrow, it would remove fuel surcharge from its Singapore and Brunei flights. There has also been a worldwide reduction of up to 54% in fuel surcharge to/from across ASEAN.

The national carries also said that from Feb 1, fuel surcharge on flights from China would be reduced up to US$100, flights from Australia and New Zealand reduced up to US$210 while for flights from Middle East, there would be a reduction of up to US$150.

As for the Africa and North America flights, MAS said there would be a reduction of up to US$160 and US$185 respectively.

Malaysia Airlines had reduced fuel surcharge for domestic travel within Malaysia on Jan 14 and earlier reduced fuel surcharge for international travel from Malaysia to Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Paris, Germany and from other points of sales to various destinations.