Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cheap flights to Spain to see prehistoric art

Art lovers may wish to book cheap flights to Spain where they can expect to find some creative works with a difference.

In the village of Santillana del Mar, situated a 45 minute drive from Santander, are a number of beautiful stone mansions, but the real draw for tourists proves to be the Altamira Caves.

Fred Mawer, writing for the Times, notes that the caves are famous for the prehistoric art works they feature inside, which include ancient drawings of bison, horses, deer, handprints and unidentified symbols.

And the city of Santander has even more to offer visitors, according to Mr Mawer, including "beautiful yellow-sand beaches and great tapas bars".

While the beach of Playa de Los Bikinis is a perfect spot for rockpooling, El Sardinero proves popular with the crowds during the summer.

Art lovers considering cheap flights to Spain may also wish to take the time to visit San Sebastian, after the Times reported that Peter Murray extolled the beauty of Eduardo Chillida's stunning sculptures which can be found there.