Thursday, April 16, 2009

cheap flights to Paris

Britons who wish to spend their summer relaxing with a drink while soaking up the culture and lifestyles of the people around them could do a lot worse than booking cheap flights to Paris.

The Guardian's John Brunton has compiled a list of the top pavement cafes in the city, where visitors to the French capital have the perfect opportunity to enjoy fine cuisine, soak up the sun and watch life go by.

He notes that as spring arrives the Parisians head to their favourite pavement cafes, describing it as: "A Gallic ritual that begins with a strong black coffee in the morning, through to a kir or pastis at lunchtime and then chilled rose or a ballon de blanc for the evening apero."

Mr Brunton recommends Britons visit Cafe de Flore for a coffee or Aux Folies in Belleville, once home to the singer Edith Piaf.

And Britons planning to book cheap flights to Paris may wish to take a loved one, as the Independent's Sankha Guha recently claimed that the city would "make anyone feel like a love god".