Thursday, April 23, 2009

new cheap flights to Roxas-Kaibo-Manila

Good news for the travelers, 10 weekly flights to Roxas will be operated, while 17 weekly flights will serve Kaibo from the Philippines' capital.

The airline explained that will "continue to expand its domestic operations", which will allow passengers to benefit from improved connectivity and a more convenient schedule.

Passenger capacity will increase on flights to Manila-Roxas by 42.8 percent once the changes take effect, while the capacity on flights to Kalibo will rise by 25 percent.

It also said that it would offer the "lowest all-inclusive fares" in order to support both tourism and trade in the Philippines.

Cebu Pacific announced last week that its flights to Bangkok from both Manila and Clark would operate as scheduled.

In addition to its 31 domestic destinations, the carrier operates flights to 15 cities throughout the Asian continent.

Having been established 14 years ago, Cebu Pacific has the youngest fleet of aircraft in the Philippines.