Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New cheap flights to Spain

Younger Britons are busy digging out their swimming trunks and costumes after bucking the holiday trend and booking cheap flights to Spain.

The Sun reports that the number of younger Britons choosing a getaway in the Spanish sun is on the up.

And it is stated that this is partly due to the Spanish Tourist office, which has been keen to sell the country as a top tourism location to young travellers, according to a spokesperson from the Co-operative Travel.

Once they have booked cheap flights to Spain, Britons may wish to check into a hotel, rather than opting for a hostel or camping break.

Nigel Pocklington, managing director at Hotels.com in Europe, Middle East and Africa, recently stated that despite the exchange rate, UK hotels are still more expensive than many of those in European cities.

"If you do your research you can find hotels which are cheaper on average anyway because Europe has a lot of hotels, so once you're there, shop around," he advised.