Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Six Weekly Flights between New Orleans, Mexico City and Honduras

Latin America's global airline AeroMexico, announced today that it plans to launch six weekly, non-stop 6th July flights between New Orleans and Mexico City, with convenient connecting flights to San Pedro Sula, Honduras. The route represents the first new international flight service to be announced for New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina and is part of AeroMexico’s aggressive expansion plans for North America.

Frank Galan, Vice President, U.S. Division, AeroMexico, said “These flights between New Orleans, Mexico City and San Pedro Sula reflect the strong, historical ties that exist between the people of Louisiana, Mexico and Honduras. We see a very healthy market that will only grow stronger in the future.”

The Hispanic population in New Orleans is the fastest growing of any major U.S. city. Following Hurricane Katrina, many Hispanic workers flocked to New Orleans to help rebuild the city. Today, as many as 250,000 people of Hispanic origin reside in southern Louisiana, according to the U.S. Census & Geoscape International (2008).

The greater New Orleans area also has one of the largest Honduran populations in the United States. More than 80,000 residents in New Orleans and surrounding areas trace their heritage to Honduras, according to the National Immigration Law Center (2008).

Economic links between the Crescent City and Central American country date back to the days when two Louisiana-based companies, Standard Fruit and United Fruit, were importing fruit from Honduras and a large number of Hondurans migrated to New Orleans.

Galan said the new flight service will provide a convenient way for residents in the greater New Orleans area, who have relatives in Mexico and Honduras, to visit their native countries. He also noted that the route being established by AeroMexico will provide the fastest way to travel between New Orleans, Mexico City and San Pedro Sula.

AeroMexico also sees the new route as a potential business generator for New Orleans and Southern Louisiana, Mexico and Honduras. With more than 20 million residents, greater Mexico City is the largest metropolitan area in North America with expanding business as well as cultural ties to the New Orleans area. San Pedro Sula, a city of more than one million residents, is a major transportation hub with industries ranging from coffee production to garment assembly.

Mexico City offers a wealth of tourism opportunities ranging from the historic Zocalo town square and Paseo de la Reforma to the internationally renowned National Museum of Anthropology, Chapultepec Park, and world-class dining, shopping and entertainment. Honduras is a historic gateway to some of Central America’s oldest archeological sites, making it an inexpensive vacation getaway for New Orleans residents looking to stretch their tourist dollars.

Travelers on this route between New Orleans, Mexico City and San Pedro Sula will benefit from AeroMexico’s winning combination of competitive fares and a premier style that reflects the airline’s dynamic Mexican heritage. While on board the airline’s 50-seat ERJ 145 regional jets, passengers will receive complimentary meals and beverages, including cocktails. In addition, flight schedules will provide passengers with convenient arrival and departure times to complement the airline’s superior, on-time performance record.