Saturday, May 16, 2009

London hotels

London revpar fell to £101.24, down from £107.77 in the equivalent week of 2008. Occupancy declined by 0.9 percentage points to 84.3% while average room rate slid by 5.1% to £120.06.

In the same week, regional revpar fell to £48.44, down from £53.61 in the corresponding week of 2008. Occupancy shrank by 2.4 percentage points to 70.6% while average room rate contracted by 6.6% to £68.66.

Hotel's revenue per room (revpar) dropped by 6.1% in London hotels and by 9.7% in the provinces in the week ending 25 April 2009, according to figures from hospitality research company STR Global.

Birmingham hotels fared worse with revpar falling by 13.1% (to £44.73) on the back of a 2.6 percentage point reduction in occupancy and a 9.8% fall in average room rate.