Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Azerbaijan terminates night-time flights

Azerbaijan Airlines said the airport will be closed from 12.00 am to 07.00 am as from July 2 in accordance with an order issued by AzAL President Jahangir Asgarov in order to ensure convenience and normal rest of Baku residents at night.

“We have let foreign airlines know about the restriction. State, sanitary, humanitarian and emergency flights will only be allowed during night time,” noted the airline.

Several local and foreign airlines have changed their schedules becuase landings and take-offs of airliners for Baku-Moscow (Rossiya Airline), Baku-Minsk (BelAvia), Instanbul-Baku (Turkish Airlines), London-Baku (BME), Frankfurt-Baku (Lufthansa), Baku-Riga and Riga-Baku (Air Baltiya) and others were scheduled for night-time.