Saturday, August 8, 2009

flights to Australia

They began queuing outside STA Travel on The Heathrow at last weekend for the discount tickets going on sale at 8am on Wednesday.
When the doors opened most were able to snap up the tickets released to celebrate the firm's 30th birthday.

THE rewards of camping out on a pavement in Leeds city centre have come to 22 travellers – £10 flights to Australia.

Joanna Pelleymounter, of Boston Spa, had been first in the queue, camping since the early hours of Sunday.
The 30-year-old, who will fly into Melbourne then travel to Sydney to see relatives, described the moment they had been waiting for.
"It was a bit like a countdown and when they opened the door I ran to the first person they directed me to," she said.
She said once she had her ticket she had immediately headed home for a warm shower after roughing it for days.
There were 150 tickets available across eight branches, to anyone with a valid young person's working holiday visa.
The original £10 poms migrated to Australia after the Second World War under a government assisted passage scheme.