Tuesday, February 23, 2010

BA Strike causing passengers to seek cheap flights

Millions of British Airways passengers face misery if the strike action goes ahead which according to sources within Unite Union, the strike will go ahead unless British Airways meets the unions demands. Although British Airways has arranged for 3,000 staff to take over from strikers to run a skeleton service, British Airways has admitted that the strike would damage confidence with British Airways passengers and would cause the company to have an even worse financial year than they are already having.

Passengers are turning to Cheap Flights airways over British Airways strike action. British Airways has had the threat of strike action since Christmas where British Airways staff was going to strike for 12 days but the strike was halted after a High Court ruling over ballot irregularities. It now seems that strike action is here once again where Unite Union has said strike action is likely unless British Airways comes to the table to sort out the dispute.

Unite Union are keeping the dates of the strikes a closely guarded secret until Thursday, leaving British Airways little time to put plans into place and leaving passengers wondering if they will be affected by the planned strike.

British Airways were hoping with the present financial climate that their staff would not vote for a strike, but millions of British Airways passengers now face disruption after cabin crew voted for the strike action to go ahead.