Thursday, January 22, 2009

Halfway to paradise in Fiji

Fiji is the jewel of the South Pacific. Its 333 islands are home to some of the most spectacular scenery on Earth, a year round tropical climate and the promise of virtually every holiday activity you can conceive of.

And, as our webchat will demonstrate beyond doubt, this earthly paradise demands your express consideration if thinking of a trip to the southern hemisphere this year.

With Baz Luhrman's Oscar-tipped epic Australia currently cleaning up at the UK box office, the land of the Southern Cross looks more alluring than ever to winter-weary Brits in search of a sun-kissed vacation.

But, beautiful though it is, there's much more to the South Pacific than just Oz. If you plan to travel there this year you'll have to make a stopover en route, and Fiji is the perfect place to make the absolute most of it.

Intrepid types in search of adventure can backpack through its spectacular lush forests and hike its mountain trails, while romantic couples can bring their fantasies to fulfillment in breathtaking surroundings. Thrill junkies craving an adrenaline fix will also be duly satisfied with white water rafting and ocean speed boating.

And for truly dedicated water babies, diving down among some of the most beautiful soft coral in the world is an experience never to be forgotten.

Fiji's culture is rich and varied too, comprising indigenous, Indian, Chinese and European traditions, just ripe for discovery and exploration.

Log on to the chat to find out more about the myriad pleasures this exquisite holiday destination has to offer. Jane West of Tourism Fiji is your expert guide to the islands, and she will also be answering your questions live online during the chat.

Searching for paradise? You're already halfway there...