Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Holidaymakers offered budget travel guide

A guide to the best destinations for budget travellers has been published by the Daily Telegraph newspaper, which predicts that financial concerns will dominate holiday plans this year.

The best option for Mediterranean sunshine in 2009 is Turkey, according to the paper, with a good climate, plenty of accommodation and the advantage for British travellers of being outside the eurozone.

Britons looking for a beach holiday closer to home may be interested in visiting northern France, which offers coastal retreats in Normandy or to the south of Brittany.

The 'obvious choice' for outdoor adventure, according to the Telegraph, is Iceland, as it boasts sights ranging from deserts of volcanic ash to waterfalls and gives visitors the chance to swim in hot springs, walk on warm lava or go whale-watching.

A more sedate option this year is a trip to the Caribbean, particularly between February and April during the England cricket tour of the West Indies, which will take in Barbados, Antigua, St Lucia and other destinations.

Travellers with their eyes on long-haul destinations could consider Australia or New Zealand, which are considered 'two of the safest retreats from the world's troubles', according to the Telegraph, or China, which will see a solar eclipse in July this year.