Thursday, January 22, 2009

Number of flights in Ukrainian airspace 8.9% up in 2008

The number of flights in Ukrainian airspace in 2008 grew by 8.9% year-on-year, to 419,456 flights, according to the press service of the State Enterprise for Ukrainian Air Traffic Management (Ukraerorukh).

The number of flights performed by Ukrainian air companies grew by 3.6% to 95,657, and the number of flights performed by foreign air companies grew by 10.6% to 323,799, the company said.

The number of transit flights grew by 10.6% to 264,067, the number of international flights grew by 10.4% to 113,837,, while domestic flights fell by 3% to 41,552.

The largest number of flights in 2008 was seen in such airports as Kyiv (Boryspil, 96,997 flights), in Odesa (15,847 flights), Simferopol (12,934), Donetsk (12,355), Dnipropetrovsk (10,795), Lviv (9,630), Kharkiv (7,945), Kyiv (Zhuliany 6,390), Lviv (4,320), Ivano-Frankivsk (4,795), Zaporizhia (3,748).

The leaders in terms of the number of flights in Ukrainian airspace are AeroSvit-Ukrainian Airlines (Kyiv, 29,307), Ukraine International Airlines (Kyiv, 17,416), Emirates (United Arab Emirates, 14,793), Lufthansa (Germany, 14,668), Aeroflot (Russia 12,414), Dniproavia (Dnipropetrovsk, 11,016), Austrian Airlines (Austria, 10,668), Turkish Airlines (Turkey, 10,606), British Airways (Britain 9,969), Transaero Airlines (Russia, 8,924), Singapore Airlines (Singapore, 8,569), KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (the Netherlands, 7,262), Thai Airways International (Thailand, 5,054) and Malaysia Airlines (Malaysia, 4,292).

Ukraerorukh was established in 1992. It provides a full range of aero-navigation services in the country, including in international airspace over the Black Sea: servicing air traffic, organizing flows of air traffic, organizing and managing airspace, radio technical provision with communications, navigation and observation, and providing meteorological and aero-navigation information to all flights in its zone of responsibility, which occupies five regions over a total area of 776,400 square kilometers.