Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Australia Flights are Canceled

I was very amused to hear Tiger Airways Australia Managing director Shelley Roberts say ”Tiger Airways always runs on time... our passengers value our reliability... and we value our passengers”. We have found out the hard way that these two comments could not be further from the truth!

Myself and my partner Audra Vilkelis travelled with Tiger Airway’s from Perth to Singapore on Flight TR 717 on the 30/10/2008. We then Flew to Bangkok on TR 102 on 31/10/2008. We then spent a week in Bhutan where we were married in a cliff-side monastery) flying in and out of Bangkok with Druk Air.

When we reached Bangkok on the way home we were dismayed to find out that Tiger Airways had canceled our return flights due to “Operational Reasons”. Flight TR 103 (10/11/08 09:05 – 12:30) was canceled & replaced with Flight TR 109 (10/11/08 20:10 - 23:30). This meant that we could not connect with Flight TR 716 departing Singapore for Perth on the 10/11/08 at 15:50 hours and arriving in Perth at 22:05 hours. Therefore Tiger changed that connecting flight for us to Flight TR 716 departing at 15:50 on the following day – 11/11/08.

This change of itinerary was simply unacceptable for us as we own a small wholesale food manufacturing business in Perth, Australia and we had to be back on the morning of Tuesday the 11Th November, as we had planned, in order to deliver our fresh food products to our 60 retail customers around Perth. This delivery was worth approximately $7,500. The failure to deliver this would mean our business would be in big trouble. In fact we were to learn later that Tiger subsequently canceled these return flights as well!

We have requested from Tiger both over the phone and in writing (with absolutely no response) a full refund as well as an official letter confirming the reason for the cancellation. They are impossible to get in contact with, we were on hold for over 2 hours, and you cannot email them, that's right they do not accept emails. You must write pen on paper and send it to them in Melbourne, which we have done with no response.

I would be greatly appreciated if you could either forward this letter on to Tigers Managing director Shelley Roberts as no one else seems to be interested in helping us at Tiger Airway’s, or if you could give me his email, or contact details so I can contact him.