Monday, April 27, 2009

Malaga Flights And Car Hire

The cheapest and most frequent routes are from the UK is flights to Malaga with over 165 weekly flights from the main 4 London Airports. There are various other charter flights on offer in addition to these. You can save on your traveling costs when you visit Malaga for your holidays.

Some tips to save on your flight costs to Malaga:

*Fly mid-week to avail lower rates.

*Book your flights in advance.

*You don’t have to fly both ways with the same airline.

*You don’t have to return to the same airport.

*The busier the airport the better deals on offer, Manchester & Gatwick offers the largest selection of direct flights.

Airport Car rentals at Malaga is easily available and many car renal companies have their desks right on the airport. You can arrange to have your car delivered at the airport on the time of your arrival. It is very convenient to get off your plane, get a car, and be on your way. It will also save you precious time by not having to wait for the car company to shuttle you from the airport to their location and back again.

The earlier you book, the better the price. This holds true in car bookings as well as many other areas of your travel. By booking early, you will not only get a good rate, but also have a wider selection of cars to pick from to use on your trip.

Car hire services in Malaga are efficient, quick and affordable owing to the fierce competition. You can save on your car hire deals in Malaga by doing some online research to see which car hire companies offer the best deals. Almost all the companies offer the lowest prices but these prices usually come with many hidden

Car hire in Malaga affords you the flexibility and convenience to travel in Malaga according to your own travel plans. You can explore the city and its surroundings in complete freedom and without having to worry for local transport facilities or tour services.

You should consider the number of people in your party who will need to use the car as well as any comfort considerations that are important to your traveling party as you book your vehicle. For a larger number of people, you need to get a larger vehicle that can hold everyone comfortably. But for just one or two people, consider an economy car, which will be more affordable than the larger luxury vehicles. It will also save on the cost of fuel. If you are traveling with any small children, you need to let the car company know this when you are booking the car. In Spain, the law requires all children be in a car seat. Be sure to reserve a child seat with your car booking.