Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cheap flights from Pau

Low-cost carrier Ryanair has confirmed that it will be diverting its flights from Pau, the capital of the Bearn region in France, to Lourdes for two weeks during the peak summer period.

The switch will take place between July 27 and August 9, and is intended to allow Pau Airport to upgrade its landing systems to cope with adverse weather conditions.

Ryanair said that all passengers who have booked to travel through Pau during the affected period will be contacted and advised about complimentary coach transfers.

A spokesman commented: “Ryanair has worked with Pau and Lourdes airports to minimise the disruption of the closure of Pau by transferring all flights to Lourdes, which is just 40 km away.”

The carrier currently flights to France from London Stansted and Bristol airports.

News of the diversion comes in the same week that Ryanair announced a delay to expansion work at Manchester Airport, where it was due to increase the frequency of its Brussels service. The airline cited concerns over landing fees.