Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cheap flights to Spain

Britons who book cheap flights to Spain can find the country has a lot more on offer than just its long, sandy beaches, according to one expert.

Derek Moore, chairman at the Association of Independent Tour Operators, said that Britons may choose to go to Peru to go pony trekking, when in fact for less money and a shorter flight they could saddle up in the south of Andalucia province.

He added that this was only a short distance from Malaga, which could prove an exciting and different activity for Britons who thought they were off on a traditional Spanish beach holiday.

Mr Moore added that there were also parts of Spain where tourists could visit old castles and towns for the day.

"Spain has got a lot of product to offer other than the beaches and Brits tend to think of Spain as the beaches," Mr Moore explained.

Another activity that Britons who have booked cheap flights to Spain may not expect to participate in is skiing.

However, Alyn Morgan, information manager at the Ski Club of Great Britain, said more people were hitting the Spanish slopes following considerable investment in the resorts.