Tuesday, July 21, 2009

cheap flights to Egypt

Now cheap flights to Sharm el Sheikh and other destinations in Egypt is proving to be increasingly popular, one industry expert suggests.

Frances Tuke, spokesperson for ABTA - The Travel Association, points out that in recent months more people are recognising "they can get very good value for money" in the country.

However, the ABTA representative points out that while visitors are continuing to travel to popular destinations such as Greece and Spain, those countries located outside of the dollar and euro zones are seeing particular growth.

In addition, Turkey is also becoming a more sought-after destination for those on the search for a competitively-priced break.

"The vast majority of people are still traveling abroad and not really cutting back substantially," she adds.

And it appears many could be considering cheap flights to Egypt as recent research from the Office of National Statistics showed a large increase in the number of visits made to the country in 2008, while Slovakia and Mexico also saw a significant growth in popularity.