Saturday, March 21, 2009

New York Flights to Russia

The Department of Transportation (DoT) has given approval to a new airline that aims to connect New York flights with a number of Russian destinations.

After a presidential review, Baltia Air Lines has been issued with a Final Order by DoT, giving permission for the carrier to fly on international routes.

At present, only New York flights to St Petersburg have been authorized.

These new services will operate from Terminal 4 at JFK to Pulkovo Airport in the Russian city.

"A grand inaugural event is planned for Baltia's maiden flight consisting of a ceremony at JFK Airport including the christening of our aircraft, an exclusive maiden flight with 100 honor guests and 180 inaugural passengers, and a very special celebratory itinerary in St Petersburg," the new airline said on its website.

"The date of Baltia's maiden flights will soon be announced."