Saturday, March 21, 2009

South African Airways Expands its U.S. Service

South African Airways is expanding the range of its services by offering U.S. travelers connections for Johannesburg flights and Botswana flights.

The carrier will offer the Johannesburg-Gabarone service to American passengers landing in South Africa from March 23rd onward. Two new flights will operate between Sundays and Fridays and one service will take place on Saturdays.

Marc Cavaliere, Executive Vice-President of South African Airways' North American department, said: "Botswana is a destination with tremendous growth potential, not just in Gaborone, but in other cities in Botswana that SAA plans to serve.

"These additional connection options are just the beginning of what will continue to be a product and route network enhancement."

South African Airways is also starting a new nonstop New York flights to Johannesburg which will begin operations on May 1st.